Saturday, December 15, 2007

Tony Blankley, Oh My God

I'm not sure I can listen to Left, Right and Center anymore. I never agree with anything Tony Blankley says, but at least I can usually listen to him; he speaks well and never becomes outraged and hateful like so many other conservative commentators. But a couple of days ago he went on NPR and did an editorial where he said that the CIA throwing away the tapes of waterboarding of prisoners, a clearly illegal act, was exactly the right thing to do because if those tapes ever got out they would make our lies about waterboarding less plausible to the Islamic world.

He also said this on Left, Right and Center, and followed it up by stating that the national interest clearly outweighed the law in cases like this.

I wish there was a nice Facisistic state Tony could go and live in, rather than trying to destroy mine.