Monday, May 07, 2018

Can't go Back to iPhone

I decided to do a little experiment; I wanted to see if I could stand iOS well enough now that I could use an iPhone full time, specifically the iPhoneX, perhaps the most beautiful piece of tech I have ever seen. 

But once again, iOS has stopped me.  For instance, I want to copy a FLAC file to my phone and play it.  On my Android phone that's a drag and drop operation.  On the iPhone, however, the native iTunes can't handle FLAC, and so I can't use iTunes to transfer the file to my iPhone.  I could use a third-party app, but I'd still have to use iTunes to transfer the files.  It's too much of a pain.

So I want to arrange the locations of my app icons on my Home screens.  On Android, I can do this.  But using iOS, I can do no better than to limit the amount of icons on each screen in order to show some free space.  And I can choose which icons are on which screen, but I can only change their order, not where they are actually displayed.  And the big icons still look awfully Windows 3.1 to me.  

I want to buy a new Kindle book.  On Android, I can do that from within the Kindle app.  On the iPhone, I have to open up a web browser session at Amazon, buy the book there, then load it on to my iPhone using the app.  What a non-elegant operation.  Pisses me off.

Apple, it's time to join the 21st century.  Oh, I'll probably keep using my iPad; Android just doesn't have what I need there yet.  But phone-wise, do the following, and I'll consider returning:

1. Let me drag and drop music and video files onto the phone from my computer, and not just from a Mac.
2. Reduce the size of the damn app icons and let me arrange them how I want.  It's a beautiful phone, let me keep it beautiful-looking!
3. Let me buy stuff in the apps I want to use.  Preventing it makes you guys look like idiots.