Monday, May 22, 2017

Jack Reacher in the Movies, An open letter to Tom Cruise

An open letter to Tom Cruise:


The first Jack Reacher movie was really good.  We were introduced to the character of Jack Reacher, the ultimate stoic man.  Excellent action movie, awesome fight scenes.

The second movie had a good cast.  The original novel was a lot of fun.  The problem is, it is way too early in the process of adapting the books to movies to do this one.  The ultimate stoic macho guy Jack Reacher can't handle a teenaged girl!  Hilarious!  Except ... we've only met him once before.  It's way too early to tear him down like this for comedy's sake.  You really should have done another one that showed Reacher interacting with his environment and being his awesome male self in a strange environment (somewhere in America!). ;) . Those sorts of stories are, of course, the real point to Reacher's appeal.

Just a thought guys.  Loved all the books, loved the first movie despite Mr. Cruise's much different physique.  He carried it all well.  Hoping another movie will be more in the real Jack Reacher vein.