Friday, August 26, 2005

More on Back Problems

I'm doing a lot better. I have been unable recently to sit in my office chair or drive my car without considerable pain; I am now able to do both these things. My pain meds, which before were simply useless, are now quite a lot of fun ;)

And the only things I am doing are: 1) resting 2) not running 3) not lifting weights 4) getting traction at the physiotherapist's office 5) swimming

The thing is, no one, including the first doctors I saw, gave me any real hope that I might just recover. Even my beloved wifey-wife, who is a Worker's Compensation lawyer, told me that only surgery had the possibility of given me relief. I'm glad to prove them all wrong.

Feeling better. Crossing my fingers.

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Dianne said...

Yikes! If you can forego the surgery that'd be great. My husband had a very similar disc injury and went under the knife about 13 years ago. He's "better" but still has a lot of related pains that seem to be getting progressively worse. I'm sure the medical procedures have improved... but it still would be a last resort IMHO. Good luck!