Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Update on my Herniated Disk

At this point I am able to work full days, exercise, basically do whatever I want. I have occasional flashes of pain in my shoulder and arm, but not too bad. I rarely, if ever, take any pain medication anymore.

I had a consultation with a neurosurgeon a couple of weeks ago, who told me that with this much recovery I'm not a good candidate for surgery anymore, or even for cortisone shots. Basically, I should try all my old activities and if they hurt, don't do them.

I can live with this!


thestarwatcher said...

Hi, plasmabat.

Love your music, just discovered it on a compilation someone sent me today. I'm also in the Bay Area, San Jose. Hope you're feeling better! Gotta run to Oakland Arena to go see Aerosmith and Lenny Kravitz now.

Batmensch said...

Hi, thestarwatcher! Two Plasmabat albums are available on Amazon MP3 store and iTunes, and the 3rd and 4th (actually 1st cassette and unreleased 2nd album) are available on the site for download. Hope you enjoy them!