Monday, June 01, 2009

Bill O'Reilly is not entirely responsible for the murder of Dr. Tillman

Please mentions this whenever you talk or comment about the murder of Dr. Tillman. It's completely true, and only fair.

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Delusion said...

Off topic because finding an email address when you already have a blog is probably not time well spent.

While using my favorite music site, every now and then, I like to throw it a curve ball.

Today, I threw you at it. No hits, despite its quirky nature, but not surprising.

We never met, but we did have a few common friends. One had had mentioned an album you had recorded. This was most likely Greg, who I believe went by the nickname Late Knight at the time on - prepare for a nostalgia bomb here - The Huge BBS, truly an ironic name.

I had your first album on cassette. I bought it in downtown Lapeer at a record store called Hole in the Wall, which you probably remember because I suspect that you probably sold it to them directly. Unfortunately, this is quaint for two reasons instead of the obvious one. Not only is Hole in the Wall gone (I think that happened before I left Lapeer in 1990), record stores in general are increasingly a relic of the past.

I think, but am not certain, that I actually have two copies on cassette, since I bought one for my girlfriend, who later became my ex-wife. They're the only cassettes I own, since anything else that I wanted to listen to eventually made it to CD and then to digital. Or more likely, didn't care about by then, since my tastes had changed greatly.

I appreciate you putting the album up, to see if how I remember it jives with what's actually on the album.

Brian Ward
delusion -

(I went by Delphi back in Huge's day.)