Saturday, December 01, 2012

Rush Limbaugh's Job

Rush Limbaugh's job is to convince ignorant xenophobes that the world and it's browner people is complicated and scary not because they themselves are cowards, with shrunken little hearts, too lazy to do their homework, but because of conspiracy; it is all someone else's fault.  It must be quite a relief.


Josh Batzloff said...

Making money off the ignorance of others is the way con-artists work. He cares about nothing but his own bank account.

Rachel Cutler said...

It's just so easy to never leave your home and listen to people who claim to see the outside world and never even try to see it for yourself. Thoughts from the belt

Hugh Caley said...

I love all those pictures of Rush smoking a big stogey; it's exactly what he wants to be.