Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Do liberals think Trump supporters are dumb?

I've seen many statements by Trump supporters that they are angry because liberals think they are "dumb" or "evil". I've even been told this by someone I know who feels this way. So, let's break it down:
Trump has been a celebrity almost his entire life. Everything he's ever done is out there, documented. All the philandering, all the bankruptcies, all the screwed employees, all the racism. Anyone who wanted to know about Trump and exactly what he was could have found out, long before the 2016 election.
Given that, there are three possibilities:
a. You didn't bother to check into Trump before you voted for him
b. You checked, but you didn't believe the bad stuff, despite it being posted by many, many sources that had no intrinsic anti-Trump bias, they just posted what he did, or
c. You liked what he stood for, even knowing what it was.
Now, which of these options should make me think you aren't either dumb or just plain nasty?

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