Monday, July 26, 2004

Crossroads Time

I'm at a crossroads in my music. I just don't see to be able to get up the ambition to do a new solo album at this time, even though I have built up a fair amount of new material. Lyrics, egh. Who cares what a musician has to say? And if you do, I kind of pity you ;) I know musicians, what they know, you don't wanna know. "The a minor chord, played at the first fret, gives you a 'House of the Rising Sun' or 'Don't Fear the Reaper' aggressive sadness, whereas the b minor 7 at the second fret inevitably leads you into jazzy territory ...". I mean, I like internal conversations like this, but I can't believe it would interest non-musicians very much, and it's the one thing we are uniquely qualified to understand.

I digress. I've sent out feelers to a couple of female vocalists this week, but it sounds like their projects are pretty nebulous at this point. Time to advertise my own skills. Do I advertise as a guitar player/composer, or bass player, or both? Maybe audition for keyboard player in Serge's band? Evidently I could play some guitar there too; maybe guitar keys?

How much time could I give to a project? Quite a bit, I'm sure; it's starting to burn a bit.

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